Wednesday, January 7, 2015

2015 Winter/Spring Schedule & Activities

Busy Bees – January, 2015 through June, 2015; 6-9 pm @ Clackamas Bible Church

1/6/15potluck/planning meeting 

1/20/15charity hats/scarves/etc.; Doris – Nifty Knitter, Shirley/Marilyn – fleece socks; Vickie show socks made out of washcloths; WHAT TO BRING -  yarn, fleece, knitting needles, crochet hook, patterns for easy/quick hat/scarf; also featured Random Acts of Kindness - Amy

2/3/15Crayon transfer; Dixie – paper; Kelley – melt/rub; UFO Contract – Amy; WHAT TO BRING – unfinished quilts/projects to show the 'as is' and sign a contract to show the completed project at the REVEAL on May 19, 2014 also Dixie/Kelley will notify us what to bring for the Crayola transfer

2/12/15Charity Quilt Sewing; see the details below; meet @ Canby Foursquare

2/17/15Storm at Sea block – Amy to demonstrate;  she will bring grids to a previous meeting for color placement and pre-cutting; option to complete the block at retreat

3/3/15Rag quilts – Grace (unconfirmed)

3/12/15Charity Quilt Sewing; see the details below; meet @ Canby Foursquare


3/19/15 to 3/22/15Retreat at MacLeay Retreat Center; see Retreat information

4/7/15Mariner's Compass – Beth; Vickie – bring yummy cookies

4/16/15Charity Quilt Sewing; see the details below; meet @ Canby Foursquare

4/21/15Leaf bowls – Marlys (tentative – confirm end of January)

5/5/15Cross body purse – Kelley

5/14/15Charity Quilt Sewing; see the details below; meet @ Canby Foursquare

5/19/15Ribbon embroidery – Tre; alternative: Disappearing Hourglass – Beth; REVEAL for the end of the UFO Contract (s)

6/2/15Repair, Restore, Conserve Antique Quilts – Royann; also history of quilts and historical quilt related book recommendations

6/16/15potluck/summer planning meeting

◆ Glenda – tote bag
◆ Theme Challenge Quilt
◆ Brown Bag Blocks
◆ Tie One On
◆ Mystery Quilt – summer project – Grace/Royann/Patty

MEMBER ROSTER: Dixie is updating the member list and will e-mail a current list.

RETREAT – MacLeay Retreat Center, March 19-22:
Kelley has the registration forms and is also gathering the payments.  You may make payments toward the cost of $140.00 and the final payment is due 3/3/15.  Scholarships are available :-).  Currently there are 10 BB registered and we need a minimum of 25 to cover the cost of the retreat center.  We are going to play Fat Quarter Bingo (Kelley) and BUNCO (Rosemarie).  We will also have door prize drawings so gather your 'treasures' that you would like to send to a loving home and bring them to share.  Some ideas are extra sewing needles, fabric, books, candles, kitchen gadgets, etc.  Kelley posted the information about Retreat on Facebook but she will post it again.  Oh-oh, Shirley is checking to see if we can set up massages again this year … aaaa.

CHARITY QUILT SEWING – Thursday's as noted on the calendar, 6-9, Canby Four Square.  Marlys initiated this project last summer and we are continuing to make string quilts to donate to local charity.  She will send an e-mail detailing what to bring.


January 25, 2015 (10am-4pm daily)
Annual Quilt Show
The Oregon Garden, 879 W Main St, Silverton, OR
More than 100 quilts on display, demonstrations and lectures, vendors, cafe 

February 26 – March 1, 2015
Sewing and Stitchery Expo
Washington State Fairgrounds, Puyallup, WA

March 6-7, 2015
Metropolitan Patchwork Society Quilt Show
All Roads Lead to Quilting”
Beaverton, Oregon
Friday 1-6pm, Saturday 9am-4pm

April 10-12, 2015
Umpqua Valley Quilters Guild Quilt Show
Earth, Wind and Flowers”
Douglas County Fairgrounds

May 1-2, 2015 (10a-5p)
Northwest Quilters 41st Annual Quilt Show
Portland Expo Center, Exhibit Hall D
2060 N Marine Dr, Portland, OR 97217

June 2015 TBD
17th Annual (and last) Quilt Show
Quilting and Fiber Arts Club
Oregon Trail School District’s Pioneer Building
17100 Bluff Rd, Sandy, OR 
Sandy Historical Museum 503-668-3378

July 11, 2015 (9a-4p)
40th Annual Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show
Sisters, OR

August 13-15, 2015
Quilt! Knit! Stitch!
Oregon Convention Center, Portland, OR


Friday, November 18, 2011

Secret Santa Swap

  1. What are your hobbies? Quilting and Sewing, reading, movies, ZUMBA!
  2. What are your favorite colors? sage, purples, cranberries
  3. Do you collect anything? Thimbles, Fat Quarters, Anything with bees and/or honey on them
  4. Are you allergic to any fibers or animals? No
  5. Do you have any pets? Angel the tabby cat, and Mr. Pickles, lavender tipped siamese
  6. Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate? COFFEE! I'm from the northwest so it's our default setting for the most part
  7. What do you like to read? Crafting and quilting books and magazines
  8. Do you prefer Cookies or Candies as a sweet? homemade cookies - snickerdoodles are my favorite
  9. What is your favorite holiday treat? soft gingerbread cookies (the ones from Starbucks are awesome)
  10. Describe your favorite holiday tradition. Perusing craft and quilting bazaars, annual Christmas party with my quilt group, going to see the Nutcracker production
  11. Did you believe in Santa as a child? YES!
  12. When do you open presents? Usually Christmas Eve we open gifts, Christmas morning we open the stockings and have a light brunch that includes cinnamon rolls & hot cocoa
  13. Do you put up a tree and when? If not, how do you celebrate? We usually put up our tree Thanksgiving weekend. I prefer the fresh smell of a real tree. Each year we choose a different theme for the tree. However, we always have some of our same traditional ornaments on the tree regardless of the current theme. Last year, our Christmas tree theme was GIRAFFES. Yes, you read correctly. My 20 year old daughter is an avid collector and it made for an interesting Christmas tree.
  14. Does your tree have a theme? (see above)
  15. What has been your favorite gift to give? to receive? I love to give to the Angel Tree ministry in our church. I also love to give to local food banks. My quilt group donates quilts to various charity projects as well. This year we are in process of making 60 pillow cases and quilts for a local homeless shelter - 1 for each bed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Busy Bees Fall Schedule

Fall Schedule:

9/20 - UFO Night
9/30 - 10/2 - Fall Retreat at Sharon's. Please sign up with Kelley (retreat coordinator) and pay her the $5 fee
10/4 - UFO Night
10/18 - Snap Purse, taught by Shirley Bates
11/1 - Procrastinator's night to finish annual Christmas Blocks
11/5 - Saturday Workshop - Marlys will also be teaching fun pillow cases :)
11/15 - Penguin Power / Snowball Fight (simple demo)
12/2 - Annual Christmas Party
12/6 - Make-n-Takes - Please sign up with Amy Keyser

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Festivities

We had so much fun at our 10th annual Busy Bees Christmas party this year.

Wonderful white elephant gift exchange! Seriously sweet secret sister gifts.

And best of all, the winners of this year's Christmas blocks...

Drum Roll Please..........

Congrats to Tre and Heather - The dynamic duo!

Enjoy the pics!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Considering the wet and the cold weather, it provides a moment for me to pause and thank the Lord for my warm home. So many others don't have that blessing at the moment. And my prayers go out to them. That's why, as a group, we collected non-perishable foods, hats, gloves, scarves, quilts and blankets to donate to our local charity for the less fortunate. It was a warm and fuzzy moment to be able to unload my van to drop everything off. I was so proud of my Busy Bees Quilt Group for their generosity and hearts for giving.

Thanks busy bees for your kind hearts!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Naughty or Nice?

Check out this fun blog of the season's smokin' hot aprons. You would only need to accessorize with fishnet stocking, high heels and a string of pearls while serving up your own favorite piping hot holiday dishes to your guests. Holy Smokes! How much more fun can a girl have? If we are going to be a slave to the kitchen, why not add a little spice... and I don't mean pumkin spice.

Monday, November 1, 2010

November 2010

I can't believe we are in the middle of the holiday season already! I am still feeling quite ripped off by not having much of a summer. So now it's time to really gear up for holiday sewing. I've got so many projects right now, I almost don't know where to start. It's overwhelming. I opened up a few boxes of my holiday stash of fabrics and supplies, and it's amazing how many unfinished projects I intended to make for folks but never finished. I must have half a dozen half-made projects I could give out for Christmas this year because I didn't have time to complete them all in years past...the holidays are such a busy time of year.

I'm excited to begin the new apron swap with Flirty Apron Swaps, I love wearing gorgeous aprons as I'm serving up my gourmet feast during Christmas. It's so nice to NOT look like I've literally slaved over a hot oven for the previous 12 hours. lol

Our quilt group has been doing so many fun projects and activities this fall.

11/2/2010 we begin our lighted quilted Christmas wreath wall hanging project.

I better quit writing and get to work!

From one Busy Bee to another, toodles.